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About our Logo

Pelatronís logo possesses significant cultural and spiritual meaning.
The makau, or Hawaiian fishhook, is incorporated in the logo.
In ancient Hawai‘i, the makau was fashioned from bone, whale tooth, shell and wood and used by fisherman to catch fish near the shore and in the open ocean. It was also an important symbol referenced in Hawaiian mythology. Today, the Hawaiian fishhook symbolizes strength and prosperity.

The fishhook in Pelatronís logo was inspired by Puaaliʻiokukunaokala Kim, a young Native Hawaiian artist, who created this art piece to celebrate his cultural heritage. Crafted from wood, the artist presents a physical depiction of an ancient Hawaiian creation chant that tells the story of the demi-god Maui, who used a divine hook named Manaiakalani to bring to the surface new land from the deep ocean floor. The artwork is proudly displayed in the Pelatron reception area. For the Pelatron family, the hook is a spiritual symbol reminding us to hold fast to, nā mea kapu, all that we hold sacred as we strive for new knowledge, opportunities, and prosperity.

Go hence to your father,
'Tis there you find line and hook.
This is the hook-'Made fast to the heavens-'

Manaia-ka-lani--'tis called.
When the hook catches land
It brings the old seas together.
Bring hither the large ‘Alae,
The bird of Hina.