Tactical Command and Control Systems

Pelatron builds over-the-horizon, on-the-move, and beyond-line-of sight communications assets. These integrated tactical systems enable commanders and warfighters to optimize and exploit the advantages of Distributed Operations/Extended Marine Operations (DO/EMO) to visualize the battlespace and carry out mutually supporting tactical actions.

Pelatron provides the warfighter with effective access and utilization of global, uninterrupted and seamless communication services. Networks and communications technologies provide robust, secure connectivity between globally dispersed senior command locations to the single foot soldier or marine and to each ship and aircraft. Network-enabled forces can operate as scalable, decentralized units capable of re-aggregating for concentrated or swarm operations.

Networking-On-The-Move (NOTM formerly called COBRA3 and M2C2)

Pelatron's engineering team produced a mobile command and control (C2) system that operates while on-the-move to meet the needs of the military. Commanders require fast and accurate data to enhance situational awareness and allow for rapid response. NOTM processes multiple data sets from a variety of locations to provide warfighters with the information they need to win.

NOTM is a mobile and modular C2 system providing situational awareness and combat operations capability while on-the-move. The communications system utilizes secure networks, multiple radio suites, and tactical software applications that enable it to provide reliable over-the-horizon, on-the-move data to warfighters in the field. The system is comprised of the following components:

Systems Integration

Pelatron is supporting the U.S. Marine Corps in meeting its requirement for a joint, air transportable, integrated, lightweight, rapidly deployable, self-sufficient, modular and scalable vehicle-mounted capability to support On-the Move (OTM), Over-the Horizon (OTH) digital C2. This capability fills the current gap for interruptible wideband Satellite Communications (SATCOM), voice, video, and wireless capabilities that are urgently needed for early entry forces.

To fulfill this requirement, General Dynamics C4 Systems and Pelatron teamed to develop prototypes for OTM and at-the-halt (ATH) digital C2 systems called M2C2 for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and Marine Forces Pacific Experimentation Center (MEC). Pelatron's engineers have been involved with all three M2C2 research and development phases. Pelatron has performed all aspects of building the M2C2-Advanced Prototype (MAP) including design, engineering, fabrication, integration, and testing.

Pelatron is currently under contract with the Marine Corps Systems Command to deliver the next generation of M2C2, called Networking-On-The-Move (NOTM), which is a Program of Record. The NOTM design fulfills the Marine Corps' changing needs with improvements in modularity, simplicity of design, and ease of use. The NOTM system allows Commanders to operate farther forward in the battlefield and at greater distances without being tethered to their operations center.

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